Derecho Mercantil

Mercantil Law

31 May, 2018

Advising companies and defending their interests includes the formulation, revision and negotiation of contract documents. There are also questions concerning the company’s very organisation, including the incorporation of Companies, the drawing-up and reformation of their articles of association, increases or reductions in capital, the merger and absorption of Companies, the separation and exclusion of partners and a long etcetera. Jaime Casado Ruiz has served as professor in the Master for Lawyers at the University Pablo de Olavide.

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Derecho Civil

Civil Law

27 May, 2018

Civil Law occupies an important place in the Practice’s activities due to the fact that most of our client’s consultational needs and most of the conflicts that affect them are directly or indirectly related to this branch of the Law. Within Civil Law are issues such as Sales, Inheritances, Insurances, Urban and Rustic Property Rental, Family Law and Traffic Law.

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Derecho Administrativo

Administrative Law

26 May, 2018

On numerous occasions conflict between citizens or companies and the Administration is the inevitable result of the different Public Administrations’ increasing intervention in, and regulation of, different aspects of daily life. Sectors such as Town Planning, Fiscal Law, the Administration’s Patrimonial Liability, Expropriations, and matters concerning internal staff relationships within the Civil Service frequently require legal advice and intervention before the Administration through administrative appeals procedures or through actions brought in the Economic-Administrative Courts or before the Contentious-Administrative Courts and Tribunals. In the specific field of environmental law Jaime Casado Ruiz has developed consulting work as expert for private companies, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain and the European Union.

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Derecho Laboral

Labour Law

25 May, 2018

We treat Labour Relations in all of their different aspects, acting as advisors, defending parties in concrete cases and also acting as negotiators on behalf of individuals or collectives.

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Derecho Nacional e Internacional

National and International Law

24 May, 2018

The practice takes a great interest in the global dimension of legal, mercantile and human relationships in today’s world. International Law is both studied and applied by the Practice, as indeed is the Law of third countries, an activity we undertake generally through co-operational links established with professionals in other geographical areas. Our knowledge of different languages (Spanish, English, French, German) allows us to be involved in examining legal or contractual documents as well as enabling us to keep fluent channels of communication open with clients, parties and interlocutors from third countries, such channels being a prerequisite for consultations, negotiations, and legal or arbitrational actions. Jaime Casado Ruiz is a member of the Seville’s Bar Association’s International Relations Committee, and of the European Lawyers’ Union.

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Derecho Nuevas Tecnologías

Information Technology Law

23 May, 2018

Special mention should be made of the knowledge and commitment to this matter, where leading companies have been advised for years

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Derecho Marítimo

Maritime Law

22 May, 2018

Maritime law is important focus of attention and interest, especially in the field of sport and pleasure craft. Jaime Casado Ruiz is Second Vice-President in Spain of the Iberoamerican Institute of Maritime Law (IIDM)

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Actividad Altruista y de cooperación

Altruistic and Cooperative Activity

21 May, 2018

We are convinced that economic activity is compatible with values such as solidarity and the improvement of our surroundings and to that end we have established an Altruistic and Cooperative Activities Programme Different legal activities are performed free or at a reduced rate, depending on the economic situation of our clients and their aims. The framework of this programme includes such activities as consultation, the drawing-up or revision of contractual documents, jurisdictional interventions, etc. Although the time and resources dedicated to this programme are limited, all of the requests that we receive are analysed, carefully considered and replied to.

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Actividad Formativa Despacho Jaime Casado Ruiz

Instructing Activity

20 May, 2018

The practice collaborates with diverse institutions in the development of courses and practicing activities. University of Seville, Instituto de Estudios Cajasol, University Pablo de Olavide

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